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VGCC graduates eleven Cadets in School’s 113 BLET Class

Group photo of BLET 113 Graduating Class

Vance-Granville Community College held a graduation ceremony for 11 cadets of Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) Class 113 on February 9th, 2022. After attending and completing the rigorous training that lasted over 17 weeks and 740 hours, the cadets then took on the state mandated exam 2 days before Christmas. After passing the state certification exam, all 11 are authorized to work in any law enforcement agency in North Carolina. Members of this class have been hired by the Oxford Police Department, Butner Public Safety, The State Bureau of Investigations, Henderson Police Department, Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, Vance County Sheriffs Office and Granville County Sheriff’s Office.

Three cadets received special awards in three categories. Cadet C. Pegram won the “Top Gun” Award for having the highest overall firearm score. Cadet C. Peace took home the Academic Achievement Award for having the best grade average in the written tests each cadet must pass. Cadet D. Toral earned the Physical Fitness award for Overall Cadet Progress in the various fitness tests that the cadets undergo.

Area law enforcement agencies often partner with VGCC to train their new recruits, as the community college runs one of the most rigorous law enforcement academies in North Carolina – requiring substantially more training hours than the state minimum mandates. For more information, call VGCC at 252-492-2061 or visit vgcc.edu.

Graduates included Adam Adcock and Thomas Johnson, Oxford Police Department; Winson Cox and Homero Hernandez, Henderson Police Department; Tony Dixon, Roxboro Police Department; Katherine Hoyle and Corey Waters, Franklin County Sheriff’s Office; Kailah Kearney, State Bureau of Investigations; Clarence Peace, Granville County Sheriff’s Office; Clayton Pegram, Vance County Sheriff’s Office; Denise Toral, Butner Public Safety.