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What Is Personal Enrichment?

The purpose of the Personal Enrichment Program is to provide lifelong learning to meet individual needs and interests, and contribute to the community’s overall cultural, civic, and intellectual growth.

We offer a number of affordable, non-credit classes that allow students to explore their personal interests. Classes are held in a non-competitive environment allowing students to choose as many classes as they would like.

Courses & Programs


several individuals at a table painting

Bring your own watercolor, acrylic or favorite mediums and our instructor will guide you through this painting course. Everything from realistic to abstract.
Franklin Campus: Class begins May 19
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Learn the basics of photography while encouraging your creativity and individual expression of visual art.
Franklin Campus: Class begins April 19
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Bible art journaling is a way of responding to scripture in a creative way through art and lettering.
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Join us for the introduction to ceramic skills, including handing porcelain and doll making.
Porcelain: Main Campus: class begins April 5
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This is the perfect class for those who want to learn how to sew and those who are experienced in sewing and quilting.
Main Campus: Class begins April 27 and August 31
Franklin Campus: Class begins February 27

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During this course, you will learn the six-step system to stage any room in any home, how to create scene staging, determine a room’s focal point, learn to stage a home to attract the perfect buyer and more. This course is what we consider an “appetizer” to help you determine if home staging is a career you’d like to pursue or a hobby you’d like to delve into for your own interest.
Virtual: Class begins May 11
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Culinary Arts & Entertaining

group of students with a chef decorating cupcakes

This series is about celebrating life, making memories with family & friends, while not getting overwhelmed with the doing and planning. Classes will focus on planning, budgeting and a heavy concentration on creating decorations. Items created by the class will include (but not limited to) balloon arches & bouquets, ribbon chandeliers, faux cakes, giant hearts & flowers, etc. Extra costs apply for materials.
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Gain professional level knowledge of culinary preparation through this introductory course. Learn how to use ingredients and processes to prepare specific dishes.
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Learn how to prepare quick recipes using an electric multicooker and air fryer. Participants will be given a quick cookbook with recipes and learn tricks to get more from their multicookers.
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Learn professional cake decorating! Participants will learn about necessary equipment, tools and techniques used to bake and decorate cakes. Course will cover piping, planning & designing cakes and more!

Masonic Home: Class begins April 28
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group of people dancing in sync

Focuses on Latin rhythms, dance moves and techniques in Zumba. Utilizes physical activity, cardiovascular endurance, balance, coordination and flexibility as related to dance.
Main Campus: Class begins February 1
Franklin Campus: Class begins February 2

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Now more than ever is the time to take control of your mental & physical health and wellness! Yoga is a gentle way to develop strength & flexibility; both of which are critical to building a strong body & healthy immune system. Come jump into this beginning yoga class and learn the fundamentals of yoga.
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Presents the basic step patterns, rhythmic patterns, and positions in ballroom dance. Includes techniques based upon traditional steps with basic choreographic patterns.
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motorcycle rider in a parking lot with orange cones

To be eligible you must be under the age of 25, recommended by one of the Assistant District Attorneys or your attorney; and must complete the class by the second court date. This program may allow you to receive a reduction from the charged infraction to a lesser charge. Alive at 25 (a nationally accredited program) is a 4 hour training class. It speaks directly to drivers about the dangers they face, without pulling any punches. Participants are actively involved in discussions about peer pressure, attitudes, substance abuse, rules of the road and taking responsibility. Topics include: speeding, following distance, sharing the road with large trucks and other vehicles, cell phone use, and safety belts. All students will receive a 28 page class guide and certificate upon completion.

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To be eligible you must be over the age of 25, recommended by one of the Assistant District Attorneys or your attorney; and must complete the class by the second court date. This program may allow you to receive a reduction to a lesser charge. It is targeted to adults and is a nationally accredited 4-hour training class. Topics include: speeding, following distance, sharing the road with large trucks and other vehicles, cell phone use, and safety belts. All students will receive a class guide and certificate upon completion.

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Grab life by the bars! This class was created for students with little or no experience, but even seasoned riders have found this class to be beneficial. Riders of all levels are welcome. We provide motorcycles for training. Helmets will be provided if necessary. Students need to wear: long pants, a long-sleeve shirt / jacket, boots that cover the ankles, full-fingered gloves, and eye protection such as sunglasses or a face shield on a helmet.
This class is physically demanding. You must be able to ride a bicycle and handle a 300lb motorcycle on the range for 6 hours each day. We rarely cancel due to weather, so please factor that into the decision.

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male and female couple looking over finances

Learn how to manage your personal finances and gain budgeting tips.
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Are you looking to begin planning for retirement? Are you retired and seeking guidance to help you live comfortably? The instructor will discuss the following topics: making your money last, what happens after the paychecks stop, preparing for retirement, retirement by design, and Social Security.
Main Campus: Class begins April 7
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Learn about how to plan an estate and the steps required to administer an estate, including wills, insurance & taxes.
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Learn how to find, organize and use coupons & other tools to save money!
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Rules of the road of investing- Principles of investing that can help you achieve your goals and avoid common investing mistakes. Stock Basics – Information to help investors evaluate how stocks may fit into an overall strategy.
Franklin Campus: Class begins March 22
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Two speakers giving a presentation to a small group

This course will provide an overview of Public Speaking. Participants in this course will review and practice 5 types of speech: Self/Introductory, Informative, Persuasive, Sensory Aid & Special Occasion Speeches (storytelling, professional and commemorative speeches.) At the end of the course, participants will select a topic of their choice and speech style to share a “TED Talk” style presentation, sponsored by Vance-Granville Community College.
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Explore how our learner-friendly Workplace Spanish courses can change the way you interact with Spanish-speaking employees, clients, patients, community members and customers.
Main Campus: class begins February 1
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ASL skills benefit individuals, families, work situations, and enhance the quality of communication with others in the community. Start with the beginner level to learn introductions, form questions, exchange information, and describe your surroundings, family, and the community where you live.
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gardener hands planting a flower into the dirt.

Learn proper planting & maintenance techniques. Reward yourself with new plants and fresh vegetables for your own garden.
Coming Soon!
Learn the basics of floral arranging and then design and make their own seasonal floral arrangements. Students will learn how to select the correct container to make their arrangements pop.
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